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My Word! It’s good to see you! You’ve come to the right (write?) place!

Tucked away at the foot of The Remarkables, My Word is a Queenstown writing company with inspiration out every window. Our unique location and variety of skills and experience give us the creativity and space to bring the right words together for your project.

Our tagline is Copy, Content, Creativity – and we can deliver on just about any assignment that fits within those three Cs.

With a background in journalism and fiction writing, our lead expert Camille Khouri is a whizz in the words kitchen. She has the skills to add an unexpected dash of seasoning to your cold content or form your copy soup into a comforting casserole.

When it comes to copywriting, our aim is to spur emotions and visuals in your client’s minds, gently urging them to choose you over your competition.

Got a project niggling away at your right cerebral cortex? Well, we’re not just about copy. Hit us up if you need a story idea realised, help with a report, a second opinion, editing done on an existing piece of writing, proofreading or anything English language related!

We also create blog posts and well-researched features and articles.

Our aim is to listen, learn, then deliver the right words at the right time. We strive for creativity and clear language, free from cliche and hyperbole. You have our word.



Our Services


copy writing

Clever business people are not always great scribes (although sometimes they are!). We can take a brief, however...brief, and create the right language for your website or printed material. We pride ourselves on being able to reflect your company’s personality in words.


Do you need engaging reading material for your subscribers and potential customers? We can do that! Either provide us with some topics or we will suggest some that will be sure to interest your customer base. We aspire to create web content with the same integrity as print articles and features.

articles and features

Our chief writer Camille Khouri is a seasoned journalist, writing for several local magazines, including Urbis, Architecture New Zealand, NZ Bride & Groom, Houses, and Interior, as well as a number of North American publications. Be in touch to discuss any freelance opportunities, be they regular or one-off.

blog posts

Need a monthly or fortnightly blog post to keep your readers and users engaged? We can provide a list of potential topics to work with, or take your cue with ideas. Our blog posts are well-researched and unique - none of this churning out the same stuff you find all over the web.


People can have a story to tell, but for whatever reason, they lack the means to tell it. It could be a novel idea you have had cooking away or a family history that needs to be recorded on paper. Depending on the project, we may be able to help.


Our writer Camille Khouri has extensive editing experience from working at local magazines and as an editor at a web-based media company in Canada. We provide a bespoke editing service for your project, whether it’s a quick check-over that’s needed, or a full transformation.


Trained in proofreading from her magazine days, our writer can check your text over for grammar, punctuation and style.

other writing services

Words are everywhere. We love variety! Please get in touch if you have a writing project for us that doesn’t fit within these boxes.

I have been fortunate to engage Camille in a variety of in-house and freelance editorial roles for a number of years. She is a meticulous, considered and efficient writer with an impeccable work ethic and a warm, personable nature. She has a talent for finding engaging story angles, from wide ranging topics, and crafting stories that are well researched and very readable.
— Federico Monsalve, editor of Urbis and Interior




$90/ hour

copy writing

Talk to us about your copy writing assignment. While we strive for accuracy and creativity, we can also work quickly to meet your deadlines.

$90-120 / post

blog posts

Regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) blog post rates are $90/ post. For a one-off guest blog post, the rate is dependent on the length.



40-50c/ word (neg.)


We see online content as just as important as print. We want your website to not only get clicks but to have return traffic and shares from great content. Talk to us about your content needs.  

$35/ hour


We are quick and accurate. We can also provide a per-page rate if that suits your project better. Don’t get caught out with a misplaced apostrophe or spelling error.



50c/ word

articles and features

From interviewing and researching to re-writing, a good article takes time. However, we know the state of the publishing industry today and that’s why we charge a good market rate. Contact us about writing for your publication.


ghostwriting, editing, other

We would love to hear how we can help with your writing project. Rates will be determined by the complexity of the project and how long we think it may take. Let’s talk!





Looking for a Queenstown copywriter or a New Zealand writer for your project? It’s cool to korero. Hit us up using whichever method makes you most comfortable. Here are our details or feel free to use the contact form below.

Phone: 022 035 1793